Welcome to the ETD Submission System

Welcome to Georgia Tech's system for submitting your graduate thesis or dissertation. Undergraduate Research Option Theses are submitted here as well.

Once you have passed the final defense and satisfied the requirements of the committee, you are ready to submit your manuscript to the Thesis Office for review. This submission process is fully electronic, and is made through an online application developed and maintained by the Texas Digital Library, in conjunction with the Texas A&M, MIT, and UIUC.

To get started with your submission, click the link below. You will be asked to authenticate using your GT Account:

Your help can make things better...

Your feedback is very important to us; it allows us to continue to improve the system. Please feel free to notify us directly at thesis@grad.gatech.edu if you have any suggestions to increase the usability or effectiveness of this application. You can talk to the your Thesis Office regarding any issues that may arise during the submission process.

Please contact the Thesis Office if you have any questions.

If you have questions about an UNDERGRADUATE thesis, please contact the UROP office:  https://urop.gatech.edu/content/contact-us